Top Water with The Kansas City Star

Posted by admin on July 4, 2011

BG_KC_200.jpgThe summer months are an especially exciting time to be on the water as I learned at a very young age. The adrenaline rush an angler receives from explosive top water action is addictive and the heartbreak crushing when a big bass misses your offering. It’s the stuff tournament angler’s dreams are made of as well as the stuff that can keep you awake at night like a kid at Christmas with anticipation of the day ahead. For me it’s usually the later. Here's an account of a recent top water morning with Brent Frazee, The Kansas City Star reporter as my guest. > continue to KC Star article


The Mental Aspect of the Game

Posted by admin on June 29, 2011

brainblueprint_200.jpgThe old cliché of whether you’d rather be lucky or good in our sport really holds no merit. Anglers in the top ranks of professional bass fishing seldom leave anything to chance and tend to master their own destiny rather than relying on luck. How they do this, in my opinion is in preparation. I’d argue that along with the standard homework and time on the water, another key ingredient to success is mental attitude and here’s what I think on the subject.

Jig Modifications

Posted by admin on February 1, 2011

jig200.jpgBass see hundreds if not thousands of jigs during a season of fishing, want to make sure they bite the one you put in front of them? Modify your jigs so they’re different and set apart from every other one they see. We all want an edge in Bass fishing. We all want a bait that looks a little bit different, a bait that isn’t the same right out of the package as the one the guy in front of us or the guy behind us is throwing. There are a few simple modifications that you can make to your jigs that may give them a look that the Bass haven’t seen and if you’re lucky just may trigger the strike you need.

The Bass University

Posted by bobgreene on January 14, 2011

Think you’ve got all the answers? Are you set in your ways? Can an old fisherman be taught new tricks? While my questions are rhetorical, the fact of the matter is, if we close our minds we risk condemning ourselves to never moving forward in our sport. The Bass fishing industry is fluid; ever changing, evolving and developing. As anglers, especially tournament anglers we need to keep an open mind and embrace education just as we embrace a hot new lure. 

Sponsorship 101

Posted by bobgreene on December 23, 2010

So you wanna be a sponsored professional angler huh? Living the dream; casting for cash. Tournament Bass fishing has exploded into an industry worth billions of dollars. So how do you get your piece of the pie?  Careful what you wish for. There’s more to being sponsored than donning a patch or logo and hitting the lake.

Tightlines Ultimate Vision

Posted by bobgreene on December 9, 2010

We’ve all heard it before. Most lures are designed to catch fishermen, not fish. When we walk the aisles of our favorite tackle store what are we seeing that the fish aren’t? Better yet, when we cast those lures into the water what are the fish seeing that we aren’t?

My Day on the Lake with Denny Brauer

Posted by bobgreene on December 6, 2010

Ever dream of getting your angling hero alone in a boat for 10 hours of fishing? What would you ask? How would you act? At the end of the day would you still hold this person in high esteem?

2011 Ranger Boats Available at R&H Marine

Posted by admin on November 27, 2010

Ranger Z521 w/ Mercury 250 Pro XS
T/A Trailer w/ Brakes, Single Console, 10" Manual Setback, Remote Oil Fill w/ Gauge, Tilt Steering, Humminbird 998C SI Console, Humminbird 788C Bow, Interlink, Start Now Jumpbox, 4 Bank Charger, Minn Kota Fortex 101US, Recessed T/M Pedal, Bucket Seat, 1 Fold Down and 1 Bike! Click here for photos Free 5 Years Engine Warranty!!!

Fishing Seminars

Posted by admin on November 25, 2010

Seminars250.jpgI hold an Instructor Certification from the United States Army which allows me to develop my own presentations for shows and seminars and speak comfortably in front of crowds. I will tailor my presentations to fit your needs. Some examples of popular subjects are: Tournament Preparation, Jig Fishing, Spring Bass Patterns, & Obtaining and Maintaining Sponsorships. Drop me a line if you want to schedule a seminar for your club or show.

Tournament Schedule 2011

Posted by bobgreene on November 23, 2010

The 2011 Tournament Schedule looks to be challenging!