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Tightlines Ultimate Vision

Posted by bobgreene on December 9, 2010

We’ve all heard it before. Most lures are designed to catch fishermen, not fish. When we walk the aisles of our favorite tackle store what are we seeing that the fish aren’t? Better yet, when we cast those lures into the water what are the fish seeing that we aren’t?

TIGHTLINES Lure Company has created the next generation of fishing tackle with the invention of “Ultimate Vision” through TIGHTLINES new Nano-Infused Polymerization (NIP) Technology. Extensive research was conducted to isolate the major light wavelength frequencies that Bass see the best. According to TIGHTLINES results these wavelengths lie below 400 nm, which is the lowest level of light colors that fishermen can see. The research concluded that Bass see ultraviolet colors and respond 3 to 7 times better to UV colors than traditional colors. From this testing, TIGHTLINES developed the next generation of colors to imitate the food source that Bass focus on.

The Science: Natural Light and Ultraviolet Light

Based on the light absorption coefficient for water red light is absorbed faster than blue light. In fact, when comparing red light to blue light, red light absorbs natural light 100 times faster than blue light. Conversely UV light is absorbed the least, which is the reason that it penetrates the deepest in water and reflects the most. With the UV portion of the sunlight going as deep as 40 feet and the UV light being brighter than natural sunlight, the UV portion of the light is what the Bass are using to feed as indicated by TIGHTLINES testing. The majority of the natural sunlight is reflected on the surface of the water, which is why it makes sense that Bass are predominately using their UV eyesight.

What Fishermen Need to Know

Fishermen already know that UV light exists. It’s why we apply sunscreen on cloudy days and wear polarized glasses to cut the glare (reflection) of natural light on the water’s surface.

All the baits you currently own absorb UV light and reflect only the colors you see with the naked eye. The natural prey of the Bass reflects UV light, the colors you cannot see with the naked eye.

Bass don’t have eyelids or UV filters for their eyes. That’s why they prefer darkness to bright sunlight. Therefore, the only way that Bass can protect their eyes from UV degradation is by retreating to shady cover like stumps, brush, logs, vegetation, docks, etc. The human eye cannot detect the UV spectrum so the colors and reflections fish see underwater are invisible to us. “Ultimate Vision” is an ultraviolet (UV) vision enhancer that is focused on the wavelength of light that Bass use the most to search out their prey, but is transparent to fishermen’s eyes.

With “Ultimate Vision” TIGHTLINES is introducing the ultimate level of professional soft plastics with their original formulation …….breakthrough colors that filter light the same way that Bass see crawfish, worms, minnows, bluegill, and other bait fish. Make no mistake these lures DO NOT glow. They reflect UV light and TIGHTLINES wants to keep it that simple.

Is it Magic? No

What some companies have done with regard to scent for baits TIGHTLINES is doing the same with sight; developing a state-of-the-art vision enhancer that increases Bass Fishing strikes. Brett Ware, President of TIGHTLINES says his baits aren’t magic; rather they’re an edge given to fishermen. As tournament anglers we’re always looking for that edge; one more bite or that kicker fish to propel us into the winners circle.

My Field Test: UV Believer

Brett graciously provided baits for me to test at Table Rock in November. Expecting there to be somewhat of a jig bite around docks I matched the 3 inch UV Beaver to a Fitzwater Lures 5/16 ounce Shock n Awe finesse jig and found the fish relating to docks eager to engulf the bait. I used the UV baits to land the heaviest smallmouth bass that I’ve ever caught and they were responsible for my big fish checks both days during my tournament weekend.

My Opinion

Bass don’t have pocketbooks; they aren’t the ones buying lures. While some lures are designed to catch fishermen I believe TIGHTLINES UV baits are designed to catch fish. I expect Ultimate Vision to be the next big thing in our sport and recommend you check them out at   www.uv-tackle.com   where you can see video and photos of these baits under black light.